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Anime Physics is a term made by fans when observing a scene in the anime that are impossible in real life. It can also be used to refer to attacks working effectively against Pokémon types that would have no effect in the games. Or, it can describe characters or Pokémon having extreme durability by normal standards or characters having a large quantity of items in bags with a smaller volume than the items.

Pokémon Moves[edit | edit source]

  • Moves like Water Gun which are supposed to spit a small quantity of water resemble Hydro Pump.
  • Many moves explode when coming in contact with something no matter how non-volatile they are. Examples are water and even physical atttacks like Bite.
  • Ghost-type moves affect Normal-types.
  • At the beginning of the series, Electric-type moves affect Ground-types.
    • This error led to one of the most popular Pokémon memes, 'Aim for the horn'. It is where Ash's Pikachu defeats Blaine's Rhydon with an Electric-type attack at the horn, despite Rhydon's Lightningrod ability.
    • However as the series progresses, Electric-type moves do not affect Ground types anymore.
  • Psychic-type moves are shown to affect Dark-type Pokémon despite the latter's immunity to the former.
  • Swift is shown to be able to be dodged even though swift cannot miss the opponent.
  • Non-damagable moves can knock out Pokemon.
  • Moves like: Will-o-Wisp and Leech Seed affect Pokemon of the same type.
  • Moves like Hyper Beam do not need to be recharged.
    • Even if the Pokemon has to recharge, it is only when the Pokemon's attack was dodged or protected.
  • Light Screen was shown to be able to protect against physical attacks despite them only being intended for special attacks.

Real-Life vs. Anime[edit | edit source]

  • Characters are shown to have survive powerful attacks such as Flamethrower and Thunderbolt countless of times. In real life, these moves could severely injure, if not kill, a person.
  • Team Rocket are often sent blasting off into the sky and stay in the same position. When they land into a structure or the ground, they often get up immediately.
  • The weight of Pokemon is obviously ignored in the anime with the exception of Snorlax and Golem.
  • Pokemon like Groudon and Kyogre are much bigger than they are in the games.
  • Pokemon are shown to be able to be recalled and sent right back out again. This is completely impossible in the games.
  • Characters like Brock have an unlimited amount of space in their bags despite their small sizes. Their bags are strangely able to fit large objects such as sleeping bags, utensils, and even furniture.