AG047: I Feel Skitty!

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"I Feel Skitty!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg October 16, 2003 UnitedStatesFlag.svg October 23, 2004
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While training for her next Pokémon Contest, May trains with her Torchic to improve her own skills and her Pokémon's. After sending a Frisbee into the brush, Torchic agrees to retrieve it for her. Soon after, a wining is heard and when Ash and company examine the location of the sound, they find Torchic next to a very weak Skitty.

May wants to capture it after noting its cuteness, but after sending Torchic out to battle, she notices that it doesn't react and knows there is something wrong. Brock attempts to feed it some of his food, but to no avail. Seeing it is sick or hurt, Brock leads Ash, Max and May to a location.

He leads them to the Greenhouse, an Aromatherapy clinic that can help poor little Skitty. A pretty young woman appears and Brock immediately swoons her. He tells of her name, Eliza, and her commercial. After May tells her their problem, she invites them in to seek help. She gives them a short the tour of her laboratory and the many fragrances she uses in her work.

After looking Skitty over, she says it isn't sick, but very fatigued. She mixes up a concoction and promises that Skitty will be better after sleeping with the healing fragrance. Nearby, overhead, Team Rocket sees the fragrances and plans to steal the aromas for themselves.

Skitty awakens refreshed and plays with a toy held by Ash. May soon battles it with her Torchic. Midway through the battle, Team Rocket bursts in and uses Haze to steal the fragrances. Skitty runs around and up to Meowth, enthralling him in its charm. In the chaos, several containers of fragrances mix on the floor, making the Pokémon act bizarre. Team Rocket attempts their escape but are stopped by Brock.

A battle ensues as Ash's Corphish takes on both Seviper and Cacnea. After catching James off guard, he is hit into the ascending balloon and Ash uses Taillow to send them blasting off once again. During the battle, May has lost sight of Skitty and the others start to look for it.

Back in Team Rocket's now crashed balloon, they find Skitty in with the loot. Jessie is immediately charmed by its cuteness and claims it as her own, though Meowth isn't as happy. Meowth thinks of all of the painful blast offs it could encounter with them and decides to help it escape, fearing for its well being.

He helps it get away, but it doesn't understand until he throws a rock, causing Skitty to scamper off after it. Jessie soon appears and questions where it went. After finding out Meowth's deed, she kicks him, but he is happy because Skitty is away from Jessie. Back to Ash and friends, Taillow has been searching for Skitty and has come back to lead Ash and the others to the balloon.

Eliza uses her Oddish to attract Skitty to them, but Meowth and Wobbuffet teeter out instead with Jessie and James close behind. A stand off occurs until Skitty finally appears, causing May and Jessie to battle over it. After battling with their Wurmple evolutions, Team Rocket is sent flying with a finishing Thunderbolt.

May picks up Skitty, but it swats May's Poké Ball out of her hand and onto the ground. Skitty jumps down and simply nudges it and goes inside, becoming May newest Pokémon. The gang departs as they wave goodbye to Eliza, only to have Skitty let itself out and go into May's arms as they walk off to Fallarbor Town.



  • Eliza