AG020: Brave the Wave

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"Brave the Wave"
Episode Code
Pokémon: Advanced
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg April 10, 2003 UnitedStatesFlag.svg February 7, 2004
Badge 1
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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After a night at the Pokémon center, Ash is stoked to have another Gym Battle. He meets the Gym Leader Brawly, who would rather surf than battle, which infuriates Ash. Could there be more to this Gym Leader than meets the eye? And does May even have a shred of decency?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of those "harsh" episodes, where a main character has been scolded. In this case, Ash lashes out at his friends and says "Just shut up!" at Brock before storming out of the room.
  • This was the last dub episode to feature Rodger Parsons as the narrator, replacing him with Mike Pollock, until Fear Factor Phony, when all Pokémon episodes were dubbed by PUSA.
  • This is the first time Ash lost at the second gym in any region. The second time was against Lenora at the Nacrene Gym.

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