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????? is a name shared by four unstable glitch Pokémon found in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Each occupies a different Pokédex number. Their appearances consist of scrambled 8-by-8-pixel tiles taken from whatever the game was previously displaying.

The Pokémon is generally harmless unless it is caught. If ????? ends up in a player's party, it will become impossible for that player to deposit Pokémon until ????? is released. If ????? ends up in the PC, the PC box containing it will become permanently unusable, as the Withdraw list for that box will be empty.

Pokédex data[edit | edit source]

Type: Normal

Hex FC: Fire-Normal

Hex FE, and FF: Unknown

Height: 5'77FC Hex, 0'16 FE Hex, 418'12 FF Hex, Normal Hex ?.?

Weight: 468.3 lbs FC Hex, 3,649.7 lbs FE Hex, 3,276.6 lbs FF Hex, Normal Hex ?.?